The Coptic Feasts
Monthly Feasts

1- The 29th of every Coptic month, commemorating the Annunciation, Nativity and Resurrection.

2- The 21th of every Coptic month, commemorating the dormition of the Virgin Mary the Theotokos

3- The 12th of every Coptic month, commemorating the Archangel Michael

Weekly Feasts

Every Sunday stands as a true Sabbath rest, in which we find our rest in the Resurrection of Christ.

The Feasts of the Saints

A- Almost every day is a feast day of one of the saints who joined the Victorious Church.

B- There are several feasts related to the Virgin Saint Mary throughout the year, and they are:

  1. The annunciation of her birth Her nativity
  2. Her presentation into the Temple Her dormition
  3. The assumption of her body
  4. The apparition of her body to the Apostles Her apparition in her church in Zeitoun, Cairo

C- The Apostles' Feast, commemorating the martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

D- El-Nayrouz Feast, the beginning of the Coptic calendar, commemorating all the martyrs of the Church.

Feasts Relating to the Cross

  1. The discovery of the holy Cross by Queen Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine
  2. The dedication of the Church of the Holy Cross which was built by Queen Helena

Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church
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