Drag and Drop Addition
 Drag and Drop Subtraction 
Addition and subtraction Robot
Subtraction Soccer
 Addition Machine
Special space Jumb
One of the best adding activities:- Flight fuel
Save the Whale
    Explain the concept of multiplication with the help of some cheeky monkeys.
    Select your table and then try to answer 20 questions correctly in under 1 minute.  Teachers this site provides a printable feedback sheet.      Great for pre-assessments!
    Select the table you wish to practice and then begin your ascent.
    Challenge a friend and be the first to the peak.
    Matching GameMatch the products with the factors
    Concentration-Multiplication Version
    Choose the medium level and then choose multiplication
    Hidden Picture-Multiplication Version
    Matho- Multiplication Version of Bingo
    Math BaseballChoose the medium level and multiplication
    Spacey Math by LearningPlanet.com
     Drag and Drop Subtraction 
    Megamaths    "Pick a Card"      The students should click on a number and then click on "Table Tournament"
    Megamaths "Maze"  Students answer multiplication problems as they travel through the maze.
    Rules for the game are below it.  Be sure to scroll down and read them.
    Rules for the game are below it.  Be sure to scroll down and read them.
    Megamaths      "Grid Game"  Students will be tested on multiplication, division, adding, and subtracting. 
    2 player (multiplication & division)
    Teacher Instructional Multiplication Tool
    Number Magnets
    Click on the required number/symbol along the bottom of the screen and the appropriate magnet will appear in the work area. Drag and drop these magnets as required.
    Sum Flash
    A useful set of programs for the mental starter. Sum Flash will display questions for the preset number of seconds (The large triangular button). Alternatively the teacher can take control using the two arrow-headed button.
    Printable Multiplication Worksheets
    Speed Tables         Big Speed Table
    Multiplication Grids Missing answers
      Math Worksheets To Print
    Place Value
    Place Value Puzzler    Two great ways to work on place value; "Choose Place Value" & "Round Number."
    This module allows students to paint numbers for counting exercises such as skip counting by 2's, 5's, or 10's.
    Create a Graph Site-  Students follow directions to create a graph.
    Graphing Tool  Kids can create a bar or pie graph by simply entering in the data.
    A flexible program to support the teaching of pictograms.  Use the ready-made examples or drag the yellow triangles to display your own data.
    Create a Tally Chart or discuss one of the ready-made examples.
    Bar Chart

    Use the ready-made examples or drag the top of the bars to the required position.
    Line Graph (1)

    Ask the pupils what might be happening between points using one of the ready-made examples. Alternatively give the pupils a scenario and drag the points to reflect this.
    Explore simple patterns, discuss ratio or simply count the colored counters.  Click on the work area (the white screen) and the preselected counter will appear. This can now be dragged or deleted depending on the option selected.
    Students create a bar graph and must adjust the number scale used as they collect colored bugs and create a bar graph in the process.
    Students must login and fight the space invaders by answering addition or subtraction problems.
    Students can compete against a friend in this adding game. 
    Get your paper and pencil ready as students add small numbers to hit a single and larger numbers to hit a homerun.
    Math Flashcards  Use these flashcards to practice various math skills even make your own.
    Hidden Picture
    Hidden Picture
    Number Time- Short number related cartoons on adding and subtracting tips.
     Mathionaire Addition Quiz - Test your basic addition skills, make a million.   Play 
    Mathionaire General Math Quiz - Test your general math knowledge, make a million.   Play 
     Mathionaire Multiplication Quiz - Test your basic multiplication skills, make a million.   Play